With growing success, comes growing responsibility

As the reputation of NHIG has grown, so too have the number of enquiries about technical problems in the restoration and preservation of our wrought heritage. Our board has, collectively, a few centuries of experience in the subject, so we have moved to pool our knowledge-base and coordinate our responses to such enquiries, rather than leaving the individual councilors to send possibly conflicting advice (there are often multiple solutions to one problem).

Our new Enquiries Review Group consists of Chris Topp, Adrian Legge, Brian Hall & David James, with Chris as the spokesman. Pending the setup of a dedicated address, any emails to info@nhig.org.uk requesting technical advice will be forwarded to Chris.

Recently, NHIG advised in the restoration of the rusting ferramenta for a 14th Century church building, prompting the following letter of thanks:

“Thanks NHIG for your invaluable advice for our 14th century church. We have struggled to find detailed knowledgeable advice to conserve our rusting ferramenta and its damage to our brick clerestorey tracery, but we can now proceed confidently thanks to you. Keep up the good work.”


Blessings, Matthew Johnson

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