‘Conversations Build Understanding’ Icon/NHIG

‘Conversations Build Understanding’ Icon/NHIG

Conversations Build Understanding was a joint venture between NHIG and Icon which saw a variety of professionals discuss hot topics in heritage conservation and share their personal experience. If you missed out, you can watch them all here.

  1. Tendering: Up to a Standard or Down to a Price?

TENDERING is used for all kinds of contracts, but how appropriate is it for blacksmiths? This discussion investigates the pros and cons of the tendering process for highly skilled craftspeople.

2. Procurement: How do you Ensure Good Craftsmanship?

PROCUREMENT has become a streamlined management process. To win the work, it’s often a case of survival of the fittest or the boldest contractor. This event explores how best to navigate the procurement process in order to inspire and ensure good craftsmanship.

3. Accreditation: Do Blacksmiths Need It?

Without some form of accreditation scheme,

  • How do you prevent inappropriately skilled people from damaging highly skilled work?
  • How will clients know where to find the right-skilled people?
  • How can practitioners get recognition for their conservation skills and experience?

This discussion looks at the pros and cons of accreditation, as well as exploring how any potential scheme might work.