By joining the NHIG, you will help to safeguard a unique and valuable aspect of the nation’s heritage.

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As a member of NHIG you will:

  • Receive an entry in our Online Members Directory resource
  • Develop your knowledge and understanding
  • Participate in forums & projects with networking opportunities
  • Be a guardian of the nation’s heritage and the traditional skills that built it
  • Align your business with sound conservation principles
  • Be at the forefront of a grass-roots organisation with nationwide influence

Our members form a community of practitioners, professionals and enthusiasts with a wide body of accumulated experience and expertise. Since 2009, our members have helped us:

  • Establish the first ever National Occupational Standards for blacksmithing
  • Publish the first Conservation Principles for Heritage Ironwork
  • Run a Bursary Scheme for Blacksmith Conservators
  • Develop an Advanced Apprenticeship with the British Artist Blacksmiths Association
  • Run CPD courses in the conservation of heritage ironwork

Why not join them for the next stage of the journey when we have plans to:

  • Establish a comprehensive 2-year Education & Training Programme
  • Hold our first major Heritage Ironwork Conference
  • Publish further Guidance booklets