Get Involved

Get Involved

Keen to do more?

As a volunteer run organisation we rely heavily on goodwill. By volunteering for the NHIG you will:

  • Help ensure that work to date is fully realised
  • Get involved with group activities and projects
  • Have a direct say in the running of our association

To find out more please contact us

We are currently developing the following PROJECTS and would welcome your involvement:

BathIRON 2018

  • film-maker to shoot short promo
  • PR/marketing specialists
  • stewards at the event
  • photographers

Materials & Techniques Guidance

We need high quality photographs of key traditional techniques in action.


What words do you find misused in your field of work? What words should people be aware of? Get involved in the debate, contribute to the outcome.

Download the draft document here: Glossary of Ironwork Terms (.pdf) and send your suggestions for inclusion to:

If you can contribute to any of the above, please get in touch.