‘Rewarding & Inspiring’ Taster Talk at Bath’s Guildhall

There was a fantastic response to Andy Thearle’s presentation on historic ironwork conservation at Bath’s Guildhall last week.  This introductory ‘lunch-time’ talk is one of a range of professional development opportunities that we offer and is intended to open eyes and spark interest, hopefully leading to further education in this frequently overlooked and undervalued subject.

The audience this time included members of staff from Bath’s conservation and planning departments, local architects and surveyors, and various other members of council staff. Andy covered the history of iron production, how to identify historic material and an overview of appropriate treatment options.  A productive question time followed which could certainly have gone on for longer but unfortunately had to be cut short as the end of lunch-hour approached.

The talk, organised by Tony Crouch, Bath’s World Heritage Manager, was a resounding success, with everyone commenting on how informative, useful and fascinating they found it. The general response was summed up by one architect’s comment: ‘time well spent’.  So if you’d like to book a similar lunch-time talk for your council, group or team – wherever you are – get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

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