Pete Clutterbuck Panel Design

Pete Clutterbuck Panel Design

Pete Clutterbuck

With a Design Diploma and commercial blacksmithing experience from 1970, Pete is able to design and produce just about anything from iron. He can manufacture to your design or builders plans or can produce a design based on your sketch or idea. If you are not sure what design you would like, a look through Pete’s previous work shown on these pages will show you what he can do. Pete can also usually repair just about any Ironwork item. Peter Clutterbuck – Designer Blacksmith.  We make ideas into iron and restore older ideas.

Pete set up in 1970 after a four-year sculpture degree course at Portsmouth arts college which did not include any blacksmithing so he is mostly self-taught from books and mistakes and did not call himself a blacksmith until somebody else did to his great surprise but maybe like the ugly duckling.

John’s Pete’s step son since 38 years and is the mighty engine that drives the work forward he was taught by Pete and the many blacksmiths we came into contact with and is a natural talent.

Patrick has a natural blacksmithing talent also much enhanced by his education in blacksmithing at Plumpton College.  The skills he learned there are now shining through with great benefit to us and our clients

Nigel produces drawings for us which nearly always secure us the job. Most of our good work is from Nigel’s designs. Pete has been friends with Nigel for 40 years he will draw for you.

Our work is a wide range of art metalwork structural anything from pots and pans to bandstands