NHIG hires a new Administrator

Gayatri Barua-Howe, our much-appreciated Administrator, who has steered NHIG through a year of growth and development, has decided to re-engage with the world of marketing. Their gain is our loss, as Gayatri has served us well in a demanding role. It has been a good year and we will miss her. In keeping with her good-will wishes for the organisation, she has found us an excellent replacement, in the person of Allison Peach.

Alison has many years of experience in both the higher education and heritage sectors. She’s a multi-lingual communicator, a team leader, an author and a funding expert. With one foot in the future, being well versed in the uses of electronic media in her role as Programme Administrator for City University London, and the other foot in the past, having a degree in Archaeology and long-serving as an English Heritage Protection Advisor, it’s difficult to imagine a more qualified person to move NHIG through our next stage of development. Welcome!

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