Donkeywell Forge

Donkeywell Forge

Donkeywell Forge is a blacksmiths forge based near Cirencester, who have successfully completed a myriad of UK and international projects. They pride themselves on mixing traditional restoration skills with the latest technology to deliver solutions where others fail. A family run business, Donkeywell Forge employs 10 skilled blacksmiths, designers, and metalworkers with a wide range of skills including traditional forge work, fire welding, bronze/lead/iron casting and repoussé along with the very latest 3D printing, design, rendering and laser projection. The combination of their skilled team and workspaces with modern and traditional facilities allows them to complete much larger projects in quicker time frames whilst simultaneously running multiple projects. Donkeywell Forge work with many heritage groups and clients. We produce and restore ironwork in many historically sensitive areas such as London, Bath and Cheltenham and have a huge respect for the craft and values of traditional blacksmithing and principles of heritage ironwork restoration which we use to restore and create pieces that seamlessly blend into their surroundings, lasting the test of time for centuries to come.



phone: 01285 750032