Latest news from NHIG

We had a great time at the BABA AGM at Butser Ancient Farm, a fascinating site which offered the perfect backdrop for dynamic demonstrations of a craft both ancient and contemporary. One of the highlights was the thrilling breaking open of the smelting furnace – the red-hot lump of iron ore sending sparks up into the night sky accompanied by the ringing of hammer on axe. It’s exciting to see so many young people taking up the craft with such enthusiasm and commitment.

In other news, we have awarded our first essay prize to Alexandra Dziegiel, a student on the Conservation of the Historic Environment MA at Birmingham City University.  You can read Alexandra’s essay here. We plan for this to be an annual prize and will post further details shortly.

And finally, we’ve added more demo films to the shop – you can watch some tasters for free here and see the full line-up here. Thanks to Rowan Taylor, the Arts Society, the Foyle Foundation and York Foundation for Conservation and Craftsmanship for making this happen – it’s a brilliant, accessible resource for both craft practitioners and built heritage consultants.

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