Traditional Paint Forum conference: 25 Years and Beyond – The Future of Traditional Paint

Event Description

The annual conference of the Traditional Paint Forum (TPF) will celebrate the 25th anniversary of group, which was set up in 1994 as a membership forum for discussing and promoting a better understanding and appreciation of traditional paint.

The conference will explore how legislation and technology have influenced changes in opinion and practical application, fuelling debate over traditional vs modern alternatives. We will again be asking the question posed in 2005 ‘What lessons have we learnt and what have we achieved?’ as well as questioning ‘What next for traditional paint finishes?’.


We’ll be calling on speakers who have played important roles in the TPF’s past, as well as looking to the future. Speakers will include:

Dr Ian Bristow (President of the Traditional Paint Forum)

Helen Hughes

Richard Ireland

Dr. Ruth Siddall, UCL

Malcom Starr, Historic England

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