Specifications, Tenders & Procurement in Heritage Ironwork

Event Description

A day of practical guidance which will lead you through the process of writing and understanding specifications on historic ironwork, highlighting pointers and pitfalls in the tendering and procurement process.  Includes a tour of the Cathedral.


  • Condition reports
  • Choosing a method of repair
  • Conservation principles
  • Historical significance & cultural context
  • Purpose of works
  • Environment, Timing and Budget


  • How to budget for a tendering process
  • Examples of how NOT to tender
  • What legal and commercial issues should you be aware of?
  • Specifying a material which will ensure the right level of workmanship
  • Improving tendering techniques


  • How to get the best value
  • Lines of communication on site
  • The value of a proper paper trail
  • How to procure / choose a company for the works

Tickets: £75 (£55 students)

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