CPD WEBINAR: Writing Specifications for Heritage Ironwork

Event Description

What is this event about?

Specifications detail SPECIFIC ACTIONS: they are as much about processes as materials. But in recent years this balance has shifted and architects tend to specify products, which can create a problem for contracts involving conservation repairs to built heritage. This lunchtime CPD online event will unpick the sometimes daunting process of writing specifications for heritage ironwork – although the same principles will apply to other historic materials – covering:

  • Methodology for creating unambiguous statements that address actual repair needs
  • How to ensure reliable and realistic costings
  • Real world case studies

Who is it for?

Anyone involved in the procurement process within built heritage conservation, either as commissioner, specifier or practitioner.

Who is leading it?

Rhys Brookes is a specialist conservation architect with in-depth knowledge of traditional building materials.  He has overseen the conservation of several key heritage ironwork assets, particularly in and around the World Heritage City of Bath, and has a thorough understanding of the skills involved in doing a proper job. Alongside his architectural practice, Rhys lectures in ‘Specifications’ on the conservation course at West Dean.

Wednesday 25th November 2020


Tickets £10-£25



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