NHIG Webinar: Assessing Heritage Forged & Cast Ironwork

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Assessing Heritage Forged & Cast Ironwork
An Introductory Guide to Reporting, Inspection & Recording

TICKETS: £15-£35

Course leader: Bethan Griffiths

Conservation Reports are a fundamental requirement of good conservation practice but the process can be fraught with confusion:

What should they include?

How long should they be?

How should they be organised?

Who are they for?


Adding to the confusion, the term ‘conservation report’ can be used to refer to a single report or a compilation of reports, and condition reports are also known as condition surveys or condition assessments.

This webinar will provide a short introductory guide to the different types of report categories associated with the first stage of all conservation work: assessment. It will give an overview of the basics to put assessment as a whole into context, but its main focus will be on condition reporting. Overall, it will provide a checklist as a guide to the information condition reports can include.

 Reporting
 Why assess ironwork?
 For who?
 Report preparation
 When is assessment needed?
 Types of report
 Report writing
 Checklists
 Information gathering
 Decision point ‘triage’


  • Summary
  • Team Involved
  • Introduction
  • History
  • Visual Record
  • Condition Survey (17 point checklist)
  • Further information
  • Conservation appraisal (basic intro)
  • References

NOTE: Ticket pricing represents an introductory rate while we establish our online delivery programme.  All proceeds will support the NHIG’s education programme – trainers are volunteering their time free of charge.

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