ICOM Metal 2016

ICOM Metal 2016

Event Description

The ICOM-CC Metals Working Group and the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts are pleased to announce the call for papers for the 9th meeting of the Metals Working Group. This is the first time that the conference will be held in South Asia, a historic occasion for the Group and an event not to be missed.

The conference will consider topics including:

Conservation Methods and Materials

  • Technical and authentication studies
  • Archaeological and historical metal conservation
  • Conservation of outdoor metal objects, including industrial heritage
  • Conservation of composite artifacts (e.g. mixed metals, metal-organic composites, metal threads, enameled, painted, plated or gilded metals)
  • Challenges of conserving artifacts on a budget/limited resources
  • Conservation of arms and armaments
  • Architectural metals
  • Preventive conservation

Research and Treatment Development

  • Advances in metal analysis and corrosion characterization
  • Progress in conservation treatments (e.g. stabilization techniques, cleaning, corrosion inhibitors)
  • Deterioration and conservation of modern metals
  • Monitoring techniques for indoor metal collections (showcases, galleries and buildings)
  • New approaches to metal protection (e.g. coatings, patination, corrosion inhibitors, preventive conservation, risk management analysis)
  • Monitoring metal artifacts before and after conservation (e.g. documentation techniques, 3D scanning, reproduction, numerical modeling)
  • Study of traditional methods of metal crafts including the history of techniques

All aspects of the conservation, study and research of metallic cultural heritage are welcome and papers may explore other topics.


Please visit the http://www.metals2016.org/ website for more information regarding submission of papers.

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