CPD Webinar: Site Dismantling & Fixing

Event Description

What is this event about?

Removing and reinstating ironwork will always have an impact, but how can we minimise that impact, act responsibly and safely, and avoid further complications?  This webinar will look at the issues involved in dismantling ironwork on site and fixing it back in again, giving an overview of potential approaches, tackling typical problems and offering some solutions, including:

  • Methods of removing iron from stonework
  • Options for fixing ironwork into stone
  • Safe practice working with lead 
  • Using heat on site


Who is it for?

This day is aimed at anyone wanting to get a better understanding of the ironwork in their care: owner/custodian, specifier or practitioner.

Who is leading it?

David James (above) is a highly-skilled blacksmith with extensive experience of conservation work at many of the country’s most important heritage sites.

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