Conservation and Repair of Architectural and Structural Metalwork

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West Dean College

Conservation and Repair of Architectural and Structural Metalwork

8 to 11 February 2016

Course leader:  Geoff Wallis

Tutors:  Sophie Godfraind, David Farrell, Rupert Harris, Alex Coode and Jon Privett

This course covers the conservation of structural metalwork, architectural features and statuary, and includes both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, with tuition from leading practitioners on a wide range of repair techniques.

It also covers the methods of manufacture and shaping of ferrous metals, the history of their use, deterioration, surveys, practical cleaning methods, surface preparation and coatings, and specifying metalwork repairs.  It includes corrosion science, the latest developments in cathodic protection as a remedial solution to rusting cramps and the science of traditional electrotype forming as used for statuary.

There will be a ‘hands-on’ opportunity in the Forge when students will be able to try out traditional and modern techniques relevant to architectural conservation such as forging at the hearth, arc and gas welding, flame cutting and needle gunning.

Non-residential fee:  £598 (includes a copy of the English Heritage practical Building Conservation volume Metals.)

Fully-inclusive residential fee:  From £754.

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