Bath IRON 2018

Event Description

Celebrating the Nation’s Heritage Ironwork!

The National Heritage Ironwork Group (NHIG) is proud to announce its first major event, BathIRON, in association with the British Artist Blacksmiths Association (BABA) and the Institute of Conservation (ICON). Aimed at heritage professionals, practitioners and the general public, BathIRON represents a unique opportunity to engage in something truly spectacular.

UPDATE 04/01/17 :

The Trustees of the NHIG have after much consideration, taken the decision to reschedule BathIRON for early Summer 2018.  As a small but dedicated band of volunteers, we have made significant progress in developing what is to be a unique event but we now find that the original date does not allow us sufficient scope to do BathIRON justice.  Rescheduling the event for 2018 will give us the necessary time to secure additional funds which will make BathIRON the spectacular, landmark event it deserves to be.  We will be working on BathIRON throughout 2017 ready for delivery in 2018 and very much value your continued support and interest.  We look forward to updating you with further details in the near future. If you or anyone you know would like to be involved in the preparation work for BathIRON 2018, please do get in touch.

Please check back for more information.