Enquiry Review Group

Enquiry Review Group

Members can put their ironwork queries to the whole Group or ask a specific member of the team for their advice.

Chris Topp was instrumental in setting up the NHIG. He has spent his life working with historic materials and has a passion for wrought iron. Chris is a master of the traditional blacksmith’s skills, and has a keen interest in ironwork restoration.

Brian Hall is an Institute of Conservation accredited conservator with extensive experience in metals. He and his team have worked on several prestigious large-scale projects all over the country.

Adrian Legge has been a working blacksmith and farrier for over 40 years and has taught in further and higher education for more than 30. He is Chair of the Blacksmith Apprentice Employer Group.

David James is a 5th generation blacksmith working from the same forge as his great-great-grandfather. His expertise at the forge and his lifelong passion for historic ironwork have led him to work on some of the nation’s most illustrious ironwork.

Geoff Wallis is a consultant with several decades of practical experience in conservation engineering, specialising in the restoration of historic machinery and cast iron structures. He has contributed to several conservation books and lectures widely on the subject, nationally and internationally.

Rhys Brookes is a conservation architect with extensive experience working with heritage ironwork on a wide range of highly significant and sensitive sites.

Ian Harper is an architect with Historic England with considerable professional expertise in legislation regarding historic significance, and wide-ranging experience in conservation approaches to built heritage.