Paid Learning

Paid Learning

There exist a number of charities and trusts which offer bursaries for project work.  Please be aware however that very specific criteria and conditions must be met for successful application.

Heritage Lottery Fund
There is a wide range of opportunities for training through HLF grants, many of the links in this section are funded through this organisation.

Institute of Conservation (Icon)
Tru Vue Inc has partnered with the Institute of Conservation (Icon) to provide funding for mid-career conservators from across the globe to attend professional development events such as conferences and training courses.  Grants will range from £300 to £900 and there will be between 10 and 20 grants per year.

National Heritage Training Group
The Building Traditional Skills programs offer bursaries to trainees looking to learn or develop their skills by working with businesses in heritage conservation. There is a bursary of a £1000 per month attached to the course (12 months) and training working towards an NVQ qualification. It also offers support to employers looking to recruit a trainee from this program.

Traditional Building Skills Bursary Scheme
Offers funding and work placements for trainees to develop their existing skills, in the traditional building trade and complete appropriate vocational qualification.

Princes Foundation
The Building Skills in Craft course offers practical experience in sustainable building crafts, including metalwork, and an opportunity to gain a Heritage Skills NVQ 3. The course is open to anyone who has a craft specific level2,3 qualification and runs over a period of 8months incorporating a range of short courses and placements with master craftsmen. The course has a bursary of a £1000 per month attached to it.

Society for Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB)
The William Morris Craft Fellowship offers a scholarship which takes an informal approach to the observation/learning of a broad range of conservational skills including blacksmithing. This is facilitated through on site visits across the country and the meeting architects and crafts persons etc.

Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust
To fund further study, training and practical experience for craftsmen and women who want to develop their craft and trade skills.

The Sainsbury Family Charitable Trusts
Is the operating office of 18 grant-making trusts, including the Headly Trust, which has a keen interest in heritage/conservation projects. The trust makes donations to charitable causes, which closely match their criteria.

York Foundation for Conservation and Craftsmanship
• Offers bursaries to assist an existing craftsmen or conservator to extend his/her skills and/or knowledge.
• Offers funding to assist established experts in their field to take on a new apprentice or trainee.