Jane Sidell, Principal Inspector of Ancient Monuments at Historic England

Managing Change

Jane Sidell will outline that whilst the role of regulators such as Historic England is to protect the significance of our most wonderful heritage, we are not resistant to innovative change. But it is our role to ask searching questions about the sustainability and longevity of new approaches, and seek practical demonstration over traditional methods. With the increasing necessity to put climate impact at the forefront of decision-making, Jane will demonstrate how innovation that is high quality and well-reasoned can enhance a heritage asset while protecting its significance.



Paul Humphreys of Hare & Humphreys and Peter Meehan of Historic Metalwork Conservation Company will discuss the key issues around coating ironwork with Lee Bilson of Recclesia. Considering the benefits and drawbacks of both traditional and modern paint systems, they will explore the central questions that need to be addressed when making coating decisions, including:

  • Factors that determine the choice of coating
  • How & when to coat for longevity
  • Environmental considerations