Messages of Dedication

Messages of Dedication

Sponsoring a note for each of my two musical boys Oli and Sky Jones both making music in their own inimitable style

Niki Jewett


“Congratulations Leo Plain! Senior Musician Beechen Cliff School 2018-19”

Sally Martin


Always living, Always dancing: Alison Scrase 1983-2010

Jackie Cosgrave


For Keziah, Keren and Mia Berelson – happy times in Bath

Raina Gee


“This is given by his parents to honor the work of our son, Michael Anthony Mayhew, for his years of work as an Ironworker here in the United States. With Love, Mom, (now deceased,) and Dad”

Donald Mayhew


“For Elspeth and Liam’s wedding.”

Jamie Worsfield


For our lovely Mum, Daphne. From Gayle and Elaine

Gayle Bandy


“For Michael Couling. Blacksmith and spring maker, railway works Swindon. An artist and beautiful person. From Deborah Couling and Graham Weatherley”

Deborah Couling


A note for Megan & Luke from Mum & Dad

Marianne Vagel


For Neil McKen

Katy McKen


“To Wyber, a wonderful father, no child could have better. Love Elaine”

Elaine Morrell


“For Mama from Ava”

Leon Gilmartin


Our thank you note to the people of Bath.”

Ivi Martins de Carvalho and Lucas Pereira Neves


“What a great way to promote the craft of traditional iron work. I hope many adults and children will be as enthused by your work as we were.”

Emma and Andrew Balfour


“From the Bridges family”

Helen Bridges


To Alison – forge on!

Simon Jarvis


In memory of Paul D. Imperiale, a most talented metalsmith and jeweller.”

Eric Imperiale


“In loving memory of my parents Pat and George Perrett.”

Teresa Perrett


A note for David Holloway

Lynda Holloway


We’ll admire it when we next play on the bandstand.”

Benomy Tutcher


“For my lovely granddaughter Jaime”

Julie Horner


Happy 70th Birthday Dave, love Vee

Veronica Wardell


From our family to the city.”

Ian & Clare Jess


Well done all! Magnificent event and great boost for public understanding of the craft/art skills so necessary for the proper conservation of the historic environment.”

Jacky Wilkinson, resident


“A note for Kenzo to dance”

Pauline Mungai


A celebration of our golden wedding

Mark & Judith Rutherford


Music is the food of life

Jon Pickles


“In memory of Peter Horne from the Powells”

Tim Powell


For Sarah Kettley and Mark Jackson for being my music buddies!

Sue Jackson


For John Elvan Rees, with love from Julia.”

Hannah Rees


For Dominic Taylor

Amelia Davis


A note each for my daughters: Gabriella, Elizabeth & Jessica

Ben Rayner


Thank you so much for coming to Bath.”

Nola Wright


“We spent time there on our wedding day on May 21st 2011. Great project and a great idea. More than happy to make a gift for the future of the bandstand.”

George Walters


“From Tigger, Sharon, Isabelle and Emily”

Sharon Hillier


For our lovely children, Matthew, Hannah and Callum Meaking xxx

Andrew Meaking


A note for Lizzy

Louise Perryman


For Karie from Si

Simon Hicks


With thanks to Alice Tollworthy

George Hitchins


Great cause!

Tony Hughes


In memory of our parents

Peter Melbourne


A treble clef in memory of Mabel Hood

Rachel Gay


A wonderful project!

Joanna Robinson


“A lark ascending!”

Zdenka Hendrich


We play on the bandstand of life!

Sara Evan-Lainchbury


For James Wells with love from your family and friends xxx

Phil Wells


For Dylan Kirk

Helen Kirk


To Karen, Happy Birthday, from Harv

Alan Harvinson


Peace to the World

Mark Townsend


Reading Bach Choir supports Bath Iron

Belinda Trubee


“From the Scrobinsons”

Kate Robinson


Wonderful to keep the art going!  Thank you

Jessy Lee


Thank you for the music! The Gourley Family, Bath.”

Fiona Gourley


For Jean Hyam

Steven Hyam


For Sarah Chinn

Carol Stott


Dedicated to our grandchildren: Bethany, Alice and Elise. With love from Alison and George Colbourne

Alison Colbourne


For Lala!

Douglas Laughlen


Er cof John Jones y Gof, Caerwedros gyda chariad, Ceri ac Elsa

Ceri Owen-Jones


“For Pauline Aungier who always loved visiting Bath.”

Sue Wedekind


Alex and Anna and new beginnings 14/6/18

Jackie Cosgrave


To Michele from her daughter

Vanessa Fajardo


Family Woodward

Jill Forrest


Thank you Bethan Griffiths for inviting us as a family to BathIRON for a very enjoyable father’s day.”

The Watling family


In memory of John Elvan Rees, with love from William.”

Hannah Rees


“For the Guy family love Pete and Jackie”

Peter Guy


“For Emilia”

Mike Richards


“From the Cockhill family”

Kathrin Cockhill


For Ali Pisirici.”

Michael Glynn


From Midsomer Norton Forge.”

William Litchfield


From Peter Lloyd-Williams, Bath Chronicle Classical Music reviewer for 20 years plus!!

Andy Lloyd-Williams


Keldrew Bath 2018

Kelly Simpson


“From the Wright family”

Alan Wright


Happy 60th Jan!

Jan Rich


Christopher Davis. CONGRATULATIONS on your graduation in music. With much love from Mum and Dad.”

Jonathan Davis


Happy Birthday Catherine!

Tom Everest


For Tom and Rita Wilkinson for their 60th Anniversary, with love from Rosemary

Andrew Parker


For Rosemary

Clare Parker


“You can’t nick this one Tranter!!”

Barrington Bryan


“For the city of Bath”

Charles Yates


Good luck!

Shashank Maruveda


For our son Dave Moore

John & Pauline Moore


Good luck with an excellent project!

Michael and Val


For Kathleen

Patricia Payne


Listen to the music of life!

Fiona Bell


For Ellie and Matt Love, mum

Jo Tothill


Supporting Bath Hertiage

Paul Taylor


“For Barry Morrell”

Elaine Morrell


“For Peter Rissen”

Janet Rissen


A note for Samantha Letts

Judy Letts


I am so happy to sponsor a note towards the bandstand. I have spent many a happy afternoon listening to bands in Parade Gardens.

Jean Pitt


A note Anna Gilmore

Debbie Gilmore


A wonderful project

Roger Heaton


Looking forward to the event – brilliant idea!”

Patricia Serrell


What a fantastic idea – I lived and ran a business in beautiful Bath for 12 years so am delighted to support this brilliant project. A musician myself, it’s great to be able to sponsor a note.”

Amanda Barry-Hirst


A note for Felix

Sarah Fan


To Allan, a lover of beautiful music xx

Michelle Timms


Thank you

Gregory Moyano


Happy Birthday Phillipa!

Kim Mercer


For Evie and Katie

Jo Norris


For Bethan and everything she has put into this great event.”

Mary Griffiths


For Nora Lowe who has always loved music x

Edith Lowe


Great to be able to help with the Bandstand!

Heidi Reardon


The show must go on!

Steve Young


From Barbara and John

John Revell


Happy Father’s Day Dad (Phil Robinson) from Kate.”

Kate Robinson


Play a tune

Joe Marshall


Happy Birthday Sam!

Ben Howison


Music is the food of love – play on

Linda and Gary


With love to Mary and Rex, who both loved Bath

Louise Vincent


“A celebration of our golden wedding anniversary”

Judith & Mark Rutherford


What great (iron)work!

Annie & Grahem


“We are delighted to support a wonderful project to maintain the bandstand at Parade Gardens.”

Janet Heaney


From Peter and Rebecca Lewis