Parade Gardens – Bandstand Balustrade.

A gift for someone special, a legacy for the City of Bath…


You could be a part of this special creation and its legacy. By sponsoring a note, a treble clef. or a stave of the new ‘musical score’ balustrade, you will make this striking piece of public art a reality.  Why not give a note or a treble clef, a whole stave or even one of the unique Master’s panels in loving memory of someone close to you, as a gift for a music lover, perhaps to celebrate a wedding or anniversary.

To see all of the designs and find out about the Masters making them, go to Forging Festival page.






Watch this short video to find out more…

Please support this creative and unique legacy to the City of Bath with sponsorship through
the Bath Iron Local-Giving Campaign.

Thank you so much for supporting. We hope to see you in June!
With very many thanks from…

Andy, Niki, Jess, Alice and absolutely everyone from the NHIG BathIRON Organising Team!