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Dead Rats and Meat Cleavers

Nathaniel Mann visits BathIRON 2018, as a new bandstand is being created for the city of Bath, and gets the chance to conduct and sing with an orchestra of master smiths.Check out this great programme about Nathaniel Mann’s journey to make a meat cleaver that sings like his grandfathers. The sounds of casting, chiming, singing and clanging are fused together to make a magical sound track to the story of how meat cleavers have been used as musical instruments for over 300 years..

Great Coverage on BBC radio Bristol over the Bath IRON weekend, a great piece on the Martin Evans show with interviews with Andy Thearle, Brian Russell, Imogen Hunt from Hereford College, Robert Smith have a listen on iplayer. Well done guys what a great event! You all made it a unique occasion.

A great piece about Bath IRON this weekend on BBC Radio Bristol on the Ali Vowles Breakfast Show with Andy Thearle (Bath IRON Creative Director) and blacksmith Jack Waygood.  Fabulous!

James Cuthbertson speaking on BBC Radio Bristol this weekend about life, love, Bath IRON and Blacksmithing. Go James!

Interesting piece in the Bath Chronical about Heritage Skills and Andy Thearle’s appeal for support from BANES local council for Bath IRON and it’s aims to raise awareness of heritage skills.

Also in the Bath Chronicle a piece about the childrens’ forging opportunities at Bath IRON.  There has has been a YES for the sphere of clefs, possibly as a result of raising awareness with this article, from the parks department, to allow the sphere of clefs to be permanently positioned on top of the bandstand. The sphere will be made of treble clefs forged by school children in the city at Bath IRON over the 4 days of the event and given as a gift by the children to the city alongside the new balustrade to be forged live during the event.


Great coverage and listing in the fabulous InBath magazine May issue


Thank you Bath Life Magazine for a great spotlight in the May issue. 

Hephaistos – A German magazine about blacksmiths and metalworking has covered Bath IRON this month. Getting the word out across Europe. Thank you Hephaistos.


Fantastic feature in The Bath Magazine May Edition…link to the online version here


Great 2 page feature in the Local Look about Iron Art of Bath’s involvement with Bath IRON and the Forge-In at the Larkhall Festival Sat and Sun 5th and 6th May. Come and see blacksmiths at work from all over the UK preparing components for the Parade Gardens balustrade. The Nowhere Forge, our bijoux mobile forge, run by Simon Bushell, will be in Larkhall, Bath as well on Sunday.


We were in Bath Life Magazine too – this issue, with a double page feature on local Festivals and Events was out on Friday 13th April…. thanks for the coverage. Download it here… Bath Life Magazine - Festivals 2018 (.jpg)

Thank you to the ed team at the Bath Chronicle for the shout-out about the BathIRON Parade Garden’s Bandstand Balustrade Appeal through Local Giving.

Thank you so much Cerys Matthews at 6 Music.

We really owe you one for this fantastic shout out on your show on 4th March!



Great piece in the Bath Chronicle about children’s treble-clef forging with Robert & Carol Smith. Children’s forging will be on offer throughout the four days of BathIRON.