Where better to hold a unique event showcasing heritage skills than at the heart of a World Heritage City?

FESTIVAL OF IRONWORK  Thursday 14th-Sunday 17th June 2018


The focal point of BathIRON will be the live forging of a newly-designed balustrade for the Parade Gardens bandstand by eight Master Blacksmiths and their teams.  Read the story behind the new balustrade here.

The striking design of the bandstand balustrade will be prominently visible to passers-by, a bold and impressive legacy of this flagship event.

Blacksmiths: To take part, and for your chance to be on one of the forging teams buy your ticket here.

There are limited places to join the Masters’ forging teams and you will need to commit to two consecutive days of forging.

Everyone else: just turn up!  If you would like to book a 30-minute 1:1 blacksmithing taster session, view available slots and book here.


There will be opportunities for both adults and children to have a go at forging during the weekend days of BathIRON. Enjoy the increasingly rare experience of making something with your own hands, sign up for a session, and take home your own hand-forged memento of the event.

Children: just turn up on Saturday or Sunday and book your slot direct with Robert & Carol Smith for your chance to forge a treble clef.

Cost: Suggested minimum donation of £5 payable on the day.

Adults (14+): For a chance to forge with expert tutors from the National School of Blacksmithing and highly experienced local craftsmen, book your 30-minute one-to-one slot here.

Cost: £10


On Thursday 14th and Friday 15th June, groups of school children from all over Bath will be forging treble clefs with Robert and Carol Smith.  This fantastic opportunity is free of charge to schools who are taking part.  During the event, Robert will be transforming the children’s work into a beautiful sphere of treble clefs – a wonderful legacy of this unique event created by the school children of Bath.

Robert and Carol, who were both born in Bath, have been forging with children at blacksmithing festivals all over the world for two decades and BathIRON will be their swansong.  They have many fond childhood memories of Parade Gardens and we are delighted that they are able to contribute so fully and generously to make BathIRON the unique event it promises to be.

Schools who have already signed up: Bathampton Primary; Oldfield Juniors; Bathwick St Mary; Royal High School; Newbridge Primary.


 Exhibition of Contemporary Artist Blacksmithing

Hot on the heels of curating Transition at Ypres 2016 and Forge at Ferrous 2017, Delyth Done will bring her magic touch to BathIRON, assembling a dynamic exhibition showcasing the ‘best of the best’ in international and home-grown talent.  If you are new to the world of the Artist Blacksmith, this exciting exhibition of high-calibre work will open your eyes to the endless creative potential of hot-forged metal.

Heritage Ironwork Exhibition

The 3D version of our seminar, this museum-style exhibition will explore through physical pieces and conservation work in progress:

  • What is heritage ironwork?
  • Why is it important?
  • How is it threatened?
  • What can we do about it?

With historical time-lines, examples of work through the ages, different materials and styles to identify, and plenty of children’s activities, this exhibition will ensure that you never pass another piece of ironwork in the street without noticing it. Find out what it’s all about, and why BathIRON came into existence in the first place.