Another year, another AGM

Generously hosted by The National Trust at its London headquarters, NHIG held its latest AGM in November.  Adrian Legge finished his tour of duty as Chairman, and David James stepped into the role, with Brian Hall as his Vice Chairman. Peter Meehan joined us from the world of museum conservators; he now serves as our Membership Secretary. The council discussed creating a new role for managing events, and this will be pursued in the upcoming year.

We’ve decided on a number of changes in our operations, including quarterly meetings for our far-flung board to supplement our usual email forums; a get-together in the flesh is more encouraging and inspiring than its electronic facsimile. We’ve set up an Enquiries Review Group (see next article) and penciled in a regular set of Taster Talks, consisting of 1-hour presentations aimed at Conservation Officers and Architects, to be located around the country. These professionals are often too busy to attend our CPD courses, yet want to be informed of the issues surrounding ironwork conservation.

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