Alternative corrosion protection

‘An alternative corrosion protection for wrought-iron bridges’ by Dave Gent, Paul Thomas and Max-Xavier Woof, was recently published in the Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE) Journal. 


“A major factor in the maintenance of metallic bridge structures involves cleaning and repainting to protect the fabric of the structure from the elements. It is known from experience in the current financial climate that as budgets are squeezed and industry resources are stretched, this cleaning and repainting cycle is often not maintained due to the cost of undertaking the works. This lack of maintenance results in a shortening of the structure’s lifespan and eventually larger costs as the bridge requires replacement before its anticipated design life …

This investigation focused on the use of linseed oil as a method of protecting metallic structures, in particular those fabricated from wrought iron, which tend to be much older and of heritage or historical interest,  yielding promising results of interest to the wider bridge community.”

You can read the article in full here:  An alternative corrosion protection for wrought-iron bridges (.pdf)

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