The NHIG is run by a dedicated team of volunteers from the conservation and ironwork sectors.  The team is made up as follows:-

NHIG Trustees

  • Brian Hall:  Conservator, Hall Conservation
  • Andy Thearle ⋅ NHIG Secretary:  Blacksmith & ironwork restoration Ironart of Bath
  • Adrian Legge: Blacksmith & ironwork restoration and former course leader at Herefordshire & Ludlow College
  • Bethan Griffiths: Ironwork design and consultancy, The Ironwork Studio
  • David James: Blacksmith & ironwork restoration, George James & Sons

NHIG Council

  • Adrian Neilson: Senior Conservation Officer, Bath
  • Charlie Fraser Fleming – NHIG Treasurer
  • Chris Blythman ⋅ Tutor, Herefordshire and Ludlow College; blacksmith
  • Chris Topp: Director of Topp & Co, Blacksmith & Metals Conservator
  • Claire Nodder ⋅ Business Manager, Historic England
  • Geoff Wallis:  Historic Metalwork Consultant
  • Ian Harper: Architect, Historic England
  • John Downs: Cast Iron Welding Institute
  • Lee Valentine: Artist Blacksmith, Shieldknot Forging
  • Kate Jennings: Metals conservator, Coode Conservation
  • Proctor Taylor:  Graphic Designer, Rational Graphics 
  • Rhys Brookes: Conservation Architect, Harrison Brookes
  • Rowan Taylor: Conservation Blacksmith
  • Stacey Hibberd: Metals conservator 
  • Toby Petersen ⋅ NHIG Chair: Conservation Blacksmith