Mathias Heit


The Reverend Alan Walker of St. Jude on the Hill in Hampstead, contacted us about some fascinating screens in his church.

My church has some extensive wrought iron screens and gates inscribed “Mathias Heit Schloser Meister 1710”. They are used as parclose screens to the high altar and gates to the adjacent chapels.They appear to have been given to the church shortly after its opening in 1910/1911 but we have no other information.We are thinking about moving them, but feel we should try to learn something about them before we do so.

Would you be able to direct towards an appropriate body or scholar who can help us with this?

Chris Topp commented that they are “a superb example of what could easily be very ancient German ironwork.” In this instance the NHIG was not able to find any specific information about the creator, but pointed Rev. Walker in the direction of the The State Office for Heritage Management and Archaeology in Germany.

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