2024 Conference


We are excited to invite you to Hampton Court Palace on Tuesday 8th October for an exploration of craftsmanship past and present.

As 21st century ironwork conservators, we have more options available to us than ever before. But in a field where each project presents new and unique challenges, how do we know which materials & techniques are appropriate for the job?

Traditional skills are passed on with the benefit of being tried and tested, but craftsmanship is a fluid process, naturally evolving as new technologies emerge.

So are the ‘old ways’ always the best? Or can new technologies offer viable alternatives? What are the parameters when using modern materials with historic fabric? When is it appropriate and when inappropriate? And what do we need to consider for longevity?

These are some of the questions we will be addressing at our ‘Tradition & Innovation’ conference at Hampton Court Palace on 8th October.

From fixings and coatings to casting, scanning and 3-D printing, we’ll be asking a variety of craft and conservation professionals to share their experience of what works. We hope you’ll join us as they showcase materials and methods both traditional and innovative, debating their pros and cons, so that we can identify the questions which will help us to make decisions in the different scenarios we face.

And we’d like to hear from you too ….

10-minute Champions!

What have you found to be the best thing for a particular job? Whether it’s traditional or innovative or somewhere in between, pitch your ironwork conservation ‘hero’ for a chance to champion its benefits for ten minutes at the conference and a FREE TICKET to the event.

Send in your pitch to Jessica: info@nhig.org.uk


Registration opens 9.30am – Day closes 5.30pm (after tour of ironwork)

Sessions include:

  • Managing Change
  • Fixing
  • Coating
  • Repairing
  • New Technologies

Post-confernece social: please join us for drinks at The Mute Swan. If you would like to book a table to eat, please contact the pub direct via their website to make a booking.

Full programme details to follow. Follow us on social media for updates:

@historiciron on X

nationalheritageironworkgroup on Instagram



Business (employed): £100 (Early bird priceuntil 1st July £80)

Individual (self-employed): £75 (Early bird price until 1st July £60)

Student: £40


Business (employed): £125 (Early bird oruce until 1st July £100)

Individual (self-employed): £100 (Early bird price until 1st July £80)

Student: £60

*We aim with our pricing structure to differentiate between those who are funding their own ticket, and those whose ticket will be covered by an employer and who will not lose any income by attending. Purchase at your own discretion.


You can purchase tickets from our shop here.

There is no need to bring a ticket to the event, as all delegate names will be recorded.

If the delegate name(s) is different from the name of the person booking, please email Jessica on info@nhig.org.uk with the relevant delegate names for your booking.