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Wrought iron and steel…

Did you know TATA Steel has an educational resource online which summarises the history of wrought iron, cast iron, steel, and the development of building technologies using each.

The information can be found here.

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Paint Sample Removal

Did you know there are 101 uses for duct tape?

A tip for paint sample removal by Phil Beckwith of Topp & Co

Put duct tape over the area from which you want a sample, then tap with the round head of a ball peen hammer. Remove duct tape complete with sample of paint. If you want a neater sample, do as above, but before tapping use a Stanley knife to cut a square shape making sure to cut right down to the metal then just tap this square area before removing.

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The Historical Metallurgy Society

Did you know about the range of Datasheets in PDF format available on Historical Metallurgy Society’s website?

These cover a broad range of interesting topics, from geophysical detection techniques to the old methods of working and refining various metals – including our favourite, iron.

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